Custom ties

If you are a company, choir, organisation or any other group of people who need a certain style, pattern, logo or colour on your ties, you have come to the right place. Whatever tie you may need, Tieroom can create it for you!

No design is impossible for us and if you need inspiration we have tons of pattern samples you can choose from. If you have your own design ideas we will gladly help you produce a digital representation until we together have got it just right. We happily accept your design ideas on paper, digital or any other medium. You will not pay a penny until you are completely satisfied and place the actual order. Minimum order for a custom design is 100 ties. If you choose from one of our existing patterns, the minimum order is 50 st.

The process is as follows:

• Contact us through and explain what you are after.
• If needed we email or phone you back until both parties are clear on what you want.
• We produce an offer.
• When you have accepted the offer, we produce a digital representation of the requested design. This process takes about one week.
• If you are happy with the digital representation, we get our factory busy producing the actual ties. This usually takes 4-6 weeks. If you want a factory sample of the design and material before commencing on the complete batch of ties, this takes about 2 weeks.
• Before production of the ties is started, you pay 30% of the total cost.
• You receive the ties about one week after they have left the factory. • When you have received the ties and confirmed their design and quality, you pay the remainder of the cost.
• You and your mates happily rock new matching ties! :)

The same process goes for custom bow ties, handkerchiefs and even womens scarves. An order can also be a mixture of the different products.

If you are after products in any of our existing patterns, we might have enough in stock to meet your needs immediately, please just check with us.

We have over the years delivered custom ties to multiple satisfied customers. A few of them are:
Markem Imaje
The Scania choir
Karlbergs car store
Contrast AB
Memento AB

Contact us at for more info or an instant offer.