Four steps to get the right look 


1. What kind of tie should I get?


You should have a few basic necktie types in your closet. Here is what you need to make sure you're covered: 


Power tie

Subtle tie

Formal tie

Make an impression on your first try. A solid tie with solid colors. A one color tie with texture or a pattern in the same color. Still strong but more quiet. Otherwise go for black. It makes a statement. A tie like this always fits in.

We also recommend having a few more interesting ties in your collection. If you are just getting started they are not a must but every man should know how to tie a bow tie. 


Wool tie

Slim tie

Bow tie

Wool ties are a great fit when you want to dress up but not look too stiff.  Slim ties give your suit and neck a totally different look. So give one a try.   Every man should be able to tie a bow tie. Get one and learn for yourself.


2. Get the right length

You think my tie is too short?

Check out the classic width or slim width necktie "Regen"


The corners at the bottom of the long end should be at the top of your belt. Yeah, you should have a belt. But don't get hung up about it. Try tying your tie a little short or a little long to get a feel you like. 


If you have trouble getting the desired length of your tie you may need to switch to another tie knot. Windsor is the thickest knot which makes your tie shorter, a four-in-hand knot is thinner and your tie will be a bit longer instead. Which leads us to...


3. Which tie knot is the best?


Stick to the four-in-hand if you want to be on the safe side. You can go watch our video on how to tie a four-in-hand knot if you're just learning. 


You can also go full on and tie a Full Windsor knot. If you want a broader tie and are looking to make a bigger impression than give this one a shot. If you are learning how to tie a Full Windsor knot go watch our video. Its a careful step by step walk through how to tie that knot.


Pay attention to the type of tie you have when you are chosing your knots. Our classic width wool ties and our slim wool ties are made of thick fabric and will be best tied as a four-in-hand knot. Grab one of our classic width silk ties for the perfect Full Windsor knot.


4. Should I wear a tie bar?


If you have to ask probably not. If you want to give it a shot remember, the tie pin should be placed exactly in the middle of the tie and it should be a simple design. The real purpose of a tie bar is to keep the narrow end of the tie in place. Its fine with us if you keep that narrow end loose. Be free narrow end, be free.