February 2015

  1. Baby blue tie

    Baby blue tie

    What is cooler than a baby blue tie? We have a bunch of baby blue ties at Tieroom. We like the phrase "baby blue tie". We think it gives the tie a special quality. Only someone very sure if themselves would insist on calling their tie a baby blue tie and we like to think we go our own way.
  2. Say good morning, to the orange necktie

    Style is a personal thing. As with our personalities, in order to really understand what we like we need to stretch our boundries sometimes. An orange tie is a perfect place to test the boundries of your personal style.
  3. Valentine's day necktie and handkerchief deal

    Valentine's day necktie and handkerchief deal

    The tie and a handkerchief, the perfect Valentine's gift for any man. A necktie, or bow tie, is a classic present. It's been wrapped up and and handed over to millions of men. Some people only think of ties as something to give Dad on Father's day. We think there are occasions that are a better chance to show a man you appreciate his style.
  4. The power of the red tie

    A red tie by any other color would smell as sweet. Those famous lines by the great bard, used for hundreds of years, still ring true today. There is something about a red tie that really brings things into focus. The color invokes passion, decisiveness, a man in charge. It has been used by countless politicians, business leaders, pundits in everything from the highest economic questions to Monday Night Football analysis. You rarely see someone in a clean red tie that doesn't have his back straight and his commentary narrowly focused on important issues.

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