Square up!

Checkered cotton collection

Going to square two. Time to give your trimmings wardrobe new oxygene. The checkered pattern never really goes out of style, nontheless it has been a little bit more in demand than usual lately. So it’s extra convenient that Notch has chosen to go checkbonanza in this collection – checkered all the way. And we reckon they pulled it off too – checked cotton is a square deal!

Ginghams, Tattersalls and Tartans. Checkered patterns come in many makes, eg. Ginghams, Tattersalls or Tartans, commonly called plaid, which is a pattern surrounded by a lot of tradition and pride – every honourable Scottish clan has its own Tartan. In this collection Tarkan is your Gingham guy, Ezz, Hjalmar, Oleg and Niki your Tattersall trump cards and Vegard, Angus and Rhys are representatives of the plaid pattern, although I doubt Scottish traditionalists would acknowledge them as true Tartans. Although Tartans are mostly used in kilts in Scotland we don’t think the step to ties is too big – it’s hung and it’s dazzling.

So get cottoned up! Fancy Gingham, Tattersall or plaid? Take a look at our collection and take your pick. We have a hunch this collection will sell like hot cakes.

We give you SQUARE UP!, checkered cotton from Notch

Notch ANGUS |

Plaid pattern in black

Notch EZZ |

Tattersall squares in green


Checkered pattern in orange


Tattersall squares in orange

Notch KAGISO |

Checkered pattern in sky blue

Notch MIXHEN |

Twill-like weave with multicoloured squares

Notch NEYMAR |

Checkered pattern in green

Notch NIKI |

Tattersall checked pattern in red

Notch OLEG |

Small squares

Notch PILOU |

Checked stripes in shades of red


Dark glowing red tartan pattern

Notch RHYS |

Plaid with blue and beige base and red lines

Notch TARKAN |

Sprightly orange and white checked gingham pattern

Notch VEGARD |

Unusual plaid pattern in blue

Notch ZOLTAN |

Black & white tartan infused with crimson and blue