Rough Stuff

A tough linen collection

Time for a refill. When Notch launched linen as a new material last year we had a hunch that it was quite a safe bet. Indeed, Tieroom customer’s more or less threw themselves at the newcomers, and sold handsomely. Some new linen designs are definitely called for.

Crude cloth. If you use linen in tie design, mixing is a must. With a mixture of 70 percent silk, 30 percent linen we think we’ve found just the blend the brings out the hang and fabulous suppleness of silk as well as that rough, somewhat unpolished feel that linen brings and linen rooters love. Those small irregularities and imperfections in the weave that would come across as mistakes in other materials are spot on when it comes to linen. The “tough-nice” linen look doesn’t land far from worn denim, Boardwalk empire and colonial fashion. A fashionable hot spot.

Natural outlines. While the first linen collection was rather colourful, Notch’s Rough stuff collection has looked to nature’s larger structures and expressions – mountains, deserts, forests, sunsets and oceans – to find its colour range. The colouring is earthy and slightly dimmed – the fibres of the linen dim the colours luminosity and make them milder than they would be in a 100% silk product. Arjen, Sukshinder and Ojin are most vivid and sunsetlike in colour while the water creature Suijin lies closest to a lagoon. Refined Liam, Dawit and Yves let their herringbone pattern demonstrate that weaving doesn’t just provide a material to work with, but can actually contribute significantly to the design and secretely excite behind discrete colouring. The collection also features a giant’s summit – Jesus and Judas meet again! How will that turn out? Grudge or harmony?

What’s your opinion?We really love this linen collection and we hope that you will too. If your peckish for linen, please help yourselves –

– here's Rough Stuff from

Notch ADRIAN |

Flowery white & brown pattern on beige brown base

Notch ARJEN |

Thin, sparse, white stripes on apricot linen base

Notch DAWIT |

White framed stripes on green herringbone pattern


Thin, white stripes on sand coloured linen


Medium black & white stripes on khaki base


Broad stripes in white and two shades of red

Notch JESUS |

Solid grey linen

Notch JUDAS |

Solid light purple linen

Notch LIAM |

Woven beige stripes on blue herringbone pattern

Notch MOGENS |

Small white dots on dark brown linen base

Notch MOLHEM |

Tightly woven, thin grey stripes on grey base

Notch OJIN |

White polka dots on light orange plain weave

Notch PIERCE |

Light purple base with white stripes


White stripes on golden yellow linen base

Notch SUIJIN |

Thin white stripes on blue herringbone pattern


Solid, apricot orange plain linen weave


Tightly weaved, thin, green stripes on white base

Notch YVES |

Grey herringbone base, thin, sparse, white stripes