So Silky

Summery silk collection

Angel stuff. Silk is a material for royalty – and apparently angels if one’s to believe the Koran. Silk’s extraordinary qualities seem almost magical – it’s neither surprising that it has been expensive and sought after for ages, nor that China for millennia tried to keep secret how silk is produced at all cost. But good ideas tend to grow feet of their own...

Light, supple, brilliant. We take the fact that nature has chosen silk as protective material for one of its most delicate and marvellous transformations – the one from caterpillar to butterfly – as a seal of quality. Silk has many excellent capacities – resistant, light, dirt repellent, thermoregulatory, smooth, supple, slick and shimmering. And on top of that, silk brings out the luminosity in the colours in a fabulous way.

Paisley princes and pattern pals. Notch has really put their creative toolbox to use in this release and created 31 designs that we hope will be illuminated by some sun rays near you. Going to a wedding soon? Check out the paisley princes Mahatma, Siddharta and Kumara or why not the flower aces Filipe, Zlatan and Luther. For somewhat more careful wedding guests we recommend the flowery brothers Groucho, Harpo och Zeppo – or maybe the fluttering beauty Pepe. If you’re more of a Less is more person I’m sure you’d love to meet Sherlock, Khaled and Milan. I’m also sure that the musical ties Prince, Jean och Django will squeeze joyous sounds out of some peoples throats. On our customer’s request – your request – we’ve put a few figurative patterns to the test – in this spring’s silk collection you’ll find butterflies, owls and dogs, as well as bicycles, anchors, rudders and stars. Talking of stars, Zlatan is attending the collection. More common representatives of the spot, stripe and plaid families have also joined the launch.

Impatient newcomers. All in all you have 31 new acquaintances to make, and there are probably a few potential pals in our existing stock as well. So wait no further, head for and prepare for a well-dressed outdoor season. Springtime is here!

We give you So Silky, huge silk collection from


Floral pattern in various brown shades

Notch PRINCE |

Floral pattern in various purple shades

Notch HARPO |

Floral pattern in light grey, grey and black

Notch ZEPPO |

Dark green base, light green flowers, dark pink


Grey base, paisley in dark pink and white

Notch PEPE |

Light grey base, butterflies in darker grey shades

Notch FILIPE |

Pink base, roses in darker pink or fuchsia

Notch KUMARA |

Orange base, paisley in gold, burgundy and blue

Notch LUTHER |

Steel blue base with white flowery pattern

Notch ZLATAN |

Light yellow base, white flowers and leaves


Dark red base, paisley i navy, red and white

Notch DJANGO |

Pea green base, blue, white and dark green flowers

Notch ENDAL |

Dark blue, ribbed base with red dogs, labradors

Notch PIERRE |

Tightly ribbed dark blue base with white bikes

Notch LECH |

Tightly ribbed dark grey base, brown & white owls

Notch TITLI |

Brown base and small multicoloured butterflies

Notch MARLEY |

Black, ribbed base with small, orange stars

Notch JOSHUA |

Navy blue, ribbed base, light purple anchors and red rudders

Notch KHALED |

Ribbed, chestnut brown base, white arabic pattern

Notch CARY |

Ribbed, light pink base with sparse, white stripes

Notch ROALD |

Ribbed, dark blue base, red and white stripes

Notch MILAN |

Small diamond pattern in very dark green and light green

Notch JEAN |

Ribbed, pale blue base with white stripes

Notch KEKE |

Plaid pattern in various blue shades, black and white


Glossy green base with broad stripes in navy and white


Orange base with white polka dots


Yellow base with white polka dots

Notch HANA |

Ribbed, light pink base with small, white dots


Dark grey and light grey taffeta weave


Black base, red and white stripes & coats of arms

Notch ELIJAH |

Pink base with small, dark blue dots