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Awesome ties since 2009

The family firm Tieroom AB opened its virtual doors in 2009 in Sweden. Two brothers, Niklas and Christian Andersson founded the company from a love of good customer service, the Internet and ties. In 2012 another two brothers, Matthew and David Nelson, joined the Andersson’s in starting the US branch, Tieroom US, LLC.

The ties, bow ties and pocket squares that were so popular in little Sweden have been building popularity in the US for the past 3 years. In our customer reviews you can see how dedicated we are to quality and service. We hope you experience the same.

We are crazy about the details

The focus Tieroom had on design and patterns was appreciated by our early customers. And in the past few years we have put even more time into our work on the material and construction of our ties. For example, we experimented to get just the right thickness of the wool in our interlining so the knots our customers tie are the perfect size. A necktie and bow tie should feel solid, not loose. Our silk is Mulberry Silk with a Jacquard weave and a weight of 28 momme (silk doesn't get much better than that) and our other materials are as carefully selected.

We spend time getting just the right proportions so our ties look modern but still have a classic feel. A classic width tie is 3 ⅛" wide and a slim width tie is 2 ⅜". They are all 59" long which fits the majority of us (sorry Magic and Larry).

Our self tie bow ties are sturdy and built for being tied over and over again. And their pre tied bow tie cousins are carefully sewn and will hold up for whatever you have in mind. Yes, even that.

We love our customers

We treat each order with respect. We really love making our customers happy and if there is anything that isn’t right we fix it. No questions asked. Our business is shipping ties that make people happy, we never lose sight of that. Try us out. We dare you.
Welcome to Tieroom!

Some tips for dressing well

with men’s ties, bow ties, and pocket squares from the team at Tieroom

Historical Bow
We follow this “historical pics” twitter account (privately of course) and saw this great picture of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and 1865. Presidency seems to have always taken it’s toll. He kept the bow tie at least:

Nate looking good in a bow
We saw a great picture of Nate Burleson getting ready for TV time. Check out the tweet here. Recepticon, best nickname in football according to us here at Tieroom. And we like too sir!

Wanna be Brad?
So there really is a “what Brad Pitt look are you” page over at GQ. It is probably a social gimmick to get email addresses but it’s a good one. They may have gotten ours. From where we sit, trying out one of the many styles Mr. Pitt (which, by the way means “dick” in Sweden) has pulled off so convincingly on the silver screen is not a bad way to go. So head over here and try it out.

Iron your shirt!
A well ironed shirt is the core of a well planned look. When your shirt looks right it melts into the background and the colors in your tie, bow tie or pocket square can create the effect you are going for. That being said, what is a more central skill set then learning how to iron a shirt. This article from Esquire magazine takes you step by step through how to iron a shirt quickly and keep it looking great. 7 simple steps and easy to learn. If you need help get it here:

Let us know if you have any other tips by posting on our facebook page: