What is your personal style?

Finding the right style is not easy, but nice ties matched well can help. We have spent some time taking a look at three simple questions you can ask yourself when deciding what you are going to wear to your next meeting or social event. Its even a good place to start if you want to rethink your wardrobe. Lets get into it!

1. Who am I trying to impress?

It's easy to get confused about what to wear when you start thinking about how people will see you. If you focus instead on how you want to feel at the event or meeting or in your daily work you will have a more solid starting place. Impress yourself.

You want to make a serious impression at the meeting and make sure you are in top of your game? Get suited up (and take a look at one of our power ties) to go in we'll prepared. Want to have fun? Loosen up, get some lighter colors (maybe take a look through our linen tie collection) and get happy.

2. Does it fit?

We often find some great shirt or coat that looks great. We try it on and have to have it. It sits there in the wardrobe for months and gets no love. Why would we do that? Well it usually has to do with the fit. If it is just off we kind of remember being uncomfortable and so we skip it and grab something else. Where do you think the comfortable t-shirt comes from. 100 wears of the best fitting shirt you have!

So take a look through the closet and pull out the shirts you'll never put on again. Give your good stuff space and bring in stuff that fits right. It will make every clothes selection session easier. It works for us.

3. Does it match?

Once you got your priorities straight and your fit right it's time to bump it up a notch. Matching patterns and colors is a great way to find your style and to learn to make a statement with your look. There are lots of short cuts to get started that we will post about in a later post butter best way to start out is to try some things out. Everyone has a white shirt and a blue shirt in their closet (if you don't head over to Everlane.com and order one). Grab one and take a look through our paisley ties. Compare that look with how you would feel wearing one of our wool ties, or our solid color ties. Now look through our handkerchiefs. Adding a pocket square to your suit pocket can do a lot. Pick a different pattern and a complementary color to get started with.

When you get some matches you like you are ready for more experimentation. Adding patterns to your shirts and mixing it up with your handkerchiefs is a great way to get more punch for your fashion dollar.

Hope this helps and please get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter with your comments.