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  1. Ties and Pack Hacks

    Ties and Pack Hacks

    "Pack it up pack it in, let me begin. I came to--" tell you the tried and true best way for packing your Sunday best to avoid that crumpled foil ball look that not enough shower steam in the world could smooth. Let's get packing.
  2. Ties and Three Square Meals

    Ties and Three Square Meals

    There are many things a man should have in his repertoire. Most important off the top of my head, owning an array of tieroom ties and knowing how to tie those ties. But, other than that, a man should know how to whip up a decent meal... or three. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are on us. So flip that tie over your shoulder, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to be a man worth his salt!
  3. Ties and Socks

    Ties and Socks

    Quick history of how socks came together ; ) Socks can be traced back 8th century BC when fashionistas used animal hides to wrap their tootsies for warmth. Some time later Aristotle and his crew were spotted wearing socks made from matted animal hair and all of Greece lost their minds to get a pair...
  4. Ties and Tie Bars and Tie Tacks

    Ties and Tie Bars and Tie Tacks

    Ties, ties, Ties, ties, Ties, ties, Ties, and...? You adorn your head's pedestal with one amazing tieroom tie after another. You look amazing. But maybe "satisfied" is not in your vocabulary. Maybe you demand that extra little ummph! If so, we suggest adding either a tie tack or a tie bar for a finishing touch that will elevate your look to...
  5. Ties and Dads

    Ties and Dads

    How about some Dear Old Dad with that tie? Dear Old Dads. They've been around since being around was a thing, and all that being around has brought about one of the hallmarks--and most enjoyable parts--of Daddom: Passing along fatherly know-how. The handing down of patriarchal wisdom is as time-honored a tradition as buying Dad a tie for Father's Day...
  6. Ties and How to Count Cards

    Ties and How to Count Cards

    How about learning card counting to go with that tie? A Gambler's Tale: Vegas Baby! There she is. Your plane sees her too, heads for neon, as if drawn by the same siren that called you here. Your treasure-hunter's spirit is on the casino floor before you even deboard the plane. When the rest of you does finally catch up...
  7. Ties and Spring Reading

    How about some great reads with that tie? If you're like most, you own a stack of "I'm gonna read those one day" books that you will never read. Life apparently has something against you reading Don Quixote cover to cover--or any other tome--be it of doorstop or just hearty sandwich size--that you got all inspired about and decided to...
  8. Ties and EDC Knives

    Ties and EDC Knives

    How about a knife to go with that tie? One summer day. Antique show. Vendors and shoppers galore. Strolling, perusing booths full of nostalgia: Nic nacs to sit some place, dishware your grandmother had, rusted metal things to hang, old wood pieces to refurbish, etc. Nearby, a woman cries out--yelps, rather. I look. She's holding one hand with the other--the...
  9. Ties and Oscar Must-Sees you Might Have Missed

    Ties and Oscar Must-Sees you Might Have Missed

    How about some seriously great films to go with that tie? 88th Oscars are coming up. 88 years. Phew, that's a lot of black ties and red carpets. And, of course, a ton of films. And just because the Academy recognizes a film doesn't always mean the public does. So many films, so little time, right? Well, here are five...
  10. Ties and a Velvet Touch

    Ties and a Velvet Touch

    How about a velvet touch to go with your tie? It's the holidays. Parties. Weddings. Events. Outings. New tie. Check. Goes with that blazer. That blazer. That same blazer. The one the moths love. Suggestion, if I may. Small leap of fashion faith. Trust me. Smooth landing down there. Soft. Velvety.

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