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  1. Say good morning, to the orange necktie

    Style is a personal thing. As with our personalities, in order to really understand what we like we need to stretch our boundries sometimes. An orange tie is a perfect place to test the boundries of your personal style.
  2. Valentine's day necktie and handkerchief deal

    Valentine's day necktie and handkerchief deal

    The tie and a handkerchief, the perfect Valentine's gift for any man. A necktie, or bow tie, is a classic present. It's been wrapped up and and handed over to millions of men. Some people only think of ties as something to give Dad on Father's day. We think there are occasions that are a better chance to show a man you appreciate his style.
  3. The power of the red tie

    A red tie by any other color would smell as sweet. Those famous lines by the great bard, used for hundreds of years, still ring true today. There is something about a red tie that really brings things into focus. The color invokes passion, decisiveness, a man in charge. It has been used by countless politicians, business leaders, pundits in everything from the highest economic questions to Monday Night Football analysis. You rarely see someone in a clean red tie that doesn't have his back straight and his commentary narrowly focused on important issues.
  4. The character of the brown tie

    The character of the brown tie

    It`s .... grounded. Yeah, we seriously wrote that. It`s dependable. It won`t wake up the neighbors, or help you turn around the company, or win you the love and admiration of all the people you are hoping to amaze. It surely won`t get you a date. You get the point.
  5. 4 times to try it out a royal purple tie

    4 times to try it out a royal purple tie

    The Purple tie Colors conjure up different feelings for different people and different cultures. One of the tightest bonds is between royalty and the color purple. It goes back to the dye used to get the deep purple that, in some people`s minds, still relates strongly to authority and status. Neckties have changed in the past 100 years though. So here is some advice on how to use purple in your daily dress rutines
  6. Father's Day is here

    Need some tips for what to do for Dad? We, of course, are all going to be wrapping some new ties as gifts for our Dads. So we thought we would share our choices this year and a few links to some fun crafts for Father's Day that were inspired by ties.
  7. The wedding season is upon us

    The wedding season is upon us

    We love seeing customers in our products. So when we get to see your photos from various events we are very happy. Thanks for spreading the energy! With the wedding season coming to its peak soon we thought we'd share some inspiring pics we've received over the last year.
  8. Turn old neckties into beautiful easter eggs

    Turn old neckties into beautiful easter eggs

    The yellow feast is soon upon us, and the crew here at Tieroom of course want to contribute to the Easter decorations. There is nothing wrong with colored feathers, chickens and Easter bunnies but we suggest you go outside of the box and try a “tie egg” :)
  9. 3 questions to find your personal style

    What is your personal style? Finding the right style is not easy, but nice ties matched well can help. We have spent some time taking a look at three simple questions you can ask yourself when deciding what you are going to wear to your next meeting or social event. Its even a good place to start if you want to rethink your wardrobe. Lets get into it!
  10. Some fashion sites

    Style on the Internet We are always looking around the Internet for interesting ways people are using the web to make fashion easier, cheaper, or cooler. Here are a couple sites we thought were worth taking a look at. If you have any you like yourself let us know. Here are our top 3:

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