The Purple tie

Colors conjure up different feelings for different people and different cultures. One of the tightest bonds is between royalty and the color purple. It goes back to the dye used to get the deep purple that, in some people`s minds, still relates strongly to authority and status.

Neckties have changed in the past 100 years though. So here is some advice on how to use purple in your daily dress rutines.

If you want to give the impression that you have the world in your hand, maybe the power tie is for you. It is the mark of authority in the modern business world. It is a bit too authoritative for most politicians, who tend to chose from a simple blue tie with dots like Rafael or a solid red tie like our Andy and stick to robust patterns. Nothing too broad that might undermine their connection to all of us little people. But for your humble captain of industry, the power tie often gives out just the signals they are looking to project. Hey, even us at Tieroom have our own version of the Power tie right here.

Four times we think the purple tie could work for you

Purple, on the other hand has drifted from being a mark of unbridled decion making ability to more of a statement of fashion. We have found, in speaking with some of our favorite fashion bloggers, that the purple tie has the ability to lighten the seriousness of your look. Here are some suggested scenarios to try out the purple look:

  • An official meeting where you are going to kick off the presentations but want the focus to be on the experts in the room
  • A regular office day when you feel like people are slumping and you want to get them back on track
  • Your fashion interested 70 year old uncle's birthday party (what, you don't have one of those?)
  • A wedding you are going to either solo, or when you want to subtly catch the eye of some interesting conversation partners

If you work in an office where ties are rarely worn, the purple tie is a great way to remind people that coming to work looking good can improve their days.

When not to push the limit with the purple tie

There are times that we would never wear a purple tie. Mostly it revolves around more serious occasions:

  • Performance reviews or serious meetings where you expect critical decions need to be made
  • Serious social occasions, funerals and times when you don`t want to draw attention to yourself
A purple necktie with white dots

Jacob, the purple tie with white dots

The purple tie has an interesting touch. It livens things up without the sometimes too official air of the power tie. A purple tie gives you the chance to show some personality but  without being whimsical, like some of the overly patterned joke neckties. has hundreds of designs and ties made from silk, wool, and cotton all with high quality fabric and modern style. Buy some purple ties or purple bow ties online.