Safety Neckties

Below you'll find all our ties that are attached by velcro, so called Safety ties. Also know as clip-on ties. These are common in occupations were the bearer could be attacked or have the tie get stuck such as security guards or taxi drivers. The ties are of our own brand Notch and have the same high quality as all our products. Made in 100 % woven silk.

They are 59" (150 cm) long and 3 ⅛" (8 cm) wide. Our discount of $5 per piece when buying 3 or more applies here as well.

If you need ties for the entire company we can arrange that as well. You can either choose from any of our over 600 existing designs or we can create a design just for you, with your logo if you want. Email us and we'll get back to you with a quote.
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