A simple piece on how to use a brown tie

wool brown necktie Dag

Dag, a stylish wool brown tie

It`s .... grounded. Yeah, we seriously wrote that. It`s dependable. It won`t wake up the neighbors, or help you turn around the company, or win you the love and admiration of all the people you are hoping to amaze. It surely won`t get you a date. You get the point.

So what does brown do for you? It brings you back to earth. It is a simple way to remind people and maybe even yourself to stay calm and get back to work. Maybe in the regular suit and tie look it can feel a bit too heavy (we recommend that you have this look in your wardrobe anyway if you feel like you need to anchor the team at work, rather than blaze the path ahead) but in the jeans and blazer crowd the brown tie gives the impression that you are calm, in control, and not looking to in need of making any sort of stand. There you are, doing what is expected. Check out all of our brown ties. They are mixed in with some beige and orange ties just to keep the page warm and fuzzy.

Two times to use the brown tie and one you should opt for something else

Here are some guidelines from what we have gathered from the bloggers in the men`s fashion web:

  • brown necktie with blue dots

    a subtle brown necktie with blue dots just calling out to you.

    Use it when you want to calm a situation down. Maybe the team is worried about some new boss and you want to show them clearly you are not. Or maybe when the project is going fine but people are stressed out about it and you want to remind them all it's all going to be all right.

  • Going out on the town as your buddy's wing man and you know he really wants to impress someone? A brown tie puts you clearly out of the spotlight but keeps you looking stylish and clever, just in case you run into someone you want to impress.
  • Anytime you want to get a decision made, or in a situation where you need to convince someone that your view is the right one, a brown tie may be the wrong color for you. You know your style, but in a crunch, go for something more primary and decisive. Check out some red ties if that's what you need.

The brown tie requires character, but you have that already

At Tieroom we are always looking at the changing tides of style and trying to find a way to stay on top of it while still staying true to the basics of classic men`s fashion. Whether you use a brown tie to calm the crowd or to show your subtle sense of style and depth of character, remember to have fun out there. Hey, it`s only life. Like the kids keep saying, YOLO Han Solo!

Remember, we only sell the best ties you can find online. At least that's what we think. :)