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  1. Tie A Bow Around Nostalgia

    Tie A Bow Around Nostalgia

    How about a nostalgic gift idea to go with your tie? Few weeks ago. Friends in town. We're all married, got kids. Broke out old Nintendo. Boom. Nostalgia city. Stayed up till three. Multiple nights. We warped worlds. We went up-up, down-down, left-right, left-right, B-A , B-A, Start. We fought Mike Tyson. Thumbs got raw.
  2. Tie One On

    Tie One On

    Who wants to tie one on? Or, in other words, Who needs a drink? Either way you say it the answer is the same: Everyone! But pray tell, oh gentle Barman, what shall thine poison be for these brisk nights of autumn? Lament not, good friends, you needn't soliloquy, tieroom has got you covered with a trio of bourbon cocktails that are as easy to make as they are to order. Bourbon you speak? Tell thee more.
  3. How to Win a Tie Every Time

    How to Win a Tie Every Time

    The questions that tie us up: Who's jumping first? Who's tie can I wear? Who's picking up the tab? Who's going to tie me up? Who gets the last Twinkie? Who's cleaning the toilet? Who's sleeping on the floor? Which dark alley should we take? Do we wear ties or bow ties? These questions and an infinite number of others like them pop up on a daily basis, forking our roads until a resolution is made. So, what do we do?
  4. Recommended ties for a young man

    One of our awesome customers asked us for some tips on a starter package of ties for his 30 year old brother. We love sharing our knowledge and here is our response. Regarding ties for your brother, for a 30 year old guy we would recommend the following neckties. Now all of these are in classic width, but if your brother is above average height and not too large of a guy we would recommend to go for a couple of slim neckties to to get some variation
  5. How Tieroom math proves that all tieroom ties are all free!

    How Tieroom math proves that all tieroom ties are all free!

    Tieroom math 101 Welcome, class, to the only course devoted to the strange and paradoxical phenomenon known as Tieroom math, where all Tieroom customers who purchase a tie end up getting their ties for free.
  6. Are you a self tie bow tie or pre-tied bow tie person?

    Are you a self tie bow tie or pre-tied bow tie person?

    Are you ready for the test? That's great. Glad you came pumped up. It's at the bottom. Skip down if you don't need any help. But if you want to get some feeling for the difference between going with a self-tie bow tie vs a pre-tied bow tie read on good sir, read on.
  7. Common Sense

    Common Sense

    Common sense. What is common sense? The question seems almost irrelevant to ask, as obvious as where to get your next tie, bow tie, or pocket square. Nevertheless, they pay me to write more, so, apparently, I can't just leave it at that. Moving on...
  8. Get famous wearing a bow tie

    Get famous wearing a bow tie

    Step one, get a bow tie Ok, just buying a bow tie from Tieroom won't make you famous. At least not right away. Well, and even if it does I would guess it would run out in 15 mins. Damn you Andy Warhol (yeah, Andy wore bow ties).
  9. Ties and presidential debates

    Ties and presidential debates

    Ties and debates The presidential race is getting started and here at Tieroom we always keep an eye on the main issue. What ties are candidates wearing? Not all of them are wearing ties of course, Hillary Clinton won't be seen with a tie. But her choice in shirt color and jacket color plays the same role in her wardrobe as the tie does for the men.
  10. Baby blue tie

    Baby blue tie

    What is cooler than a baby blue tie? We have a bunch of baby blue ties at Tieroom. We like the phrase "baby blue tie". We think it gives the tie a special quality. Only someone very sure if themselves would insist on calling their tie a baby blue tie and we like to think we go our own way.

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