One of our awesome customers asked us for some tips on a starter package of ties for his 30 year old brother. We love sharing our knowledge and here is our response.

Regarding ties for your brother, for a 30 year old guy we would recommend the following neckties. Now all of these are in classic width, but if your brother is above average height and not too large of a guy we would recommend to go for a couple of slim neckties to to get some variation.

First of all we would go for 2 solid colored neckties because they are easy to match with striped shirts and jackets. Solid red ties like Andy and light blue ties like Habib work well with a lot of clothes. And if we could squeeze in another solid necktie it would of course be a black necktie like Gino. All three of these solid color ties have some structure in the fabric which gives them a little bit more luxurious feeling than shiny neckties without a structure.

Striped ties are also a standard and it makes sense to have at least one in your closet. A real classic that never goes out of style is Billy-Joe. This pattern with red, white and blue stripes has been worn for the last 15 years. If you want a striped necktie with a little bit more edge we would go for Dawit which is a linen/silk blend and it gives the fabric that raw personalized feeling.

Ties with dots are also a flexible and useful part of a wardrobe. Here we would go for a necktie with white dots because it is easy to match with with a shirt and the white dots don't stand out as much as colored dots. We would recommend Greger or Claude.

Regarding the checked ties we would go with Bjarke with a nice light blue base that works with a lot of colors or Lauritz that goes well with more darker colors like brown, dark red, black etc.

And everybody needs a party necktie to wear on Fridays to show how happy they are that the week is over. Kumara and Luther are two of my favorites. Wearing these you will stand out in a crowd and you will definitely get some positive comments from the ladies. :))

If you have a question, any question, please email us at [email protected] and we will be very happy to help!