Solid ties

Choose Tieroom for your unicolored tie collection. The choice of tones, shades or hues is simply astounding! Everything from lemon yellow to olive green and multiple colors in between can be found. Our solid ties are available in fabrics such as 100% woven silk and cotton and linen blends. 

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The unicolored necktie is always a safe, reliable and well-reasoned choice for any gentleman. A tie in a solid color or in which one color prevails is your ticket to versatility. A unicolored tie means you don't have to be tied down by fussy or distracting patterns, if you pardon the pun! For example, a tie in solid navy blue can go with everything from grey and black to any other shade of blue. A solid red tie can do much the same with those colors too. Certain colors look better with specific fabrics or seasons, of course, although some are almost perennial. You just have to browse through the pages of our unicolored tie collection to see just how many amazing hues, tones and shades are available to you. We at Tieroom have a real eye and love for colors in their gorgeous, eclectic variety. We understand the power of a single-toned or hued tie that is sheer perfection for that blazer or suit you love. That’s why we know that there is bound to be just the tie in a solid or principal color that is just for you!