Valentines Day ties

The tie and a handkerchief, the perfect Valentine's gift for any man. A necktie, or bow tie, is a classic present. It's been wrapped up and and handed over to millions of men. Some people only think of ties as something to give Dad on Father's day. We think there are occasions that are a better chance to show a man you appreciate his style.

In the name of Love

But anyone can buy a man a necktie. Or some clever bow tie with hearts on it. Combined with a handkerchief a tie takes on new dimensions. It breaks new ground. So go on, get out on a limb and invite some man you love to take a chance on style.

Valentine's Day = red

Red Valentine's Day ties

There are a lot of beautiful ties to check out here at Tieroom. And every pattern we have comes in as a classic width tie and slim tie, and self tie bow tie for the serious minded and pre-tied bow tie for the easy going. But don't forget that every pattern also comes as a pocket square or handkerchief, whatever you call it :)

Learning how to mix and match ties and pocket squares is one of the true arts of dressing well. Give a man the chance to get started on the road to cool.

There are so many kinds of men out there ...

You got fathers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles, sons, son-in-laws, cousins. Hey, you might even have a friend who happens to be a man. Maybe you even know a man you can't stand. Even they need some love sometime.

Get a tie and handkerchief for someone you love. They are totally worth it.