Style on the Internet

We are always looking around the Internet for interesting ways people are using the web to make fashion easier, cheaper, or cooler. Here are a couple sites we thought were worth taking a look at. If you have any you like yourself let us know. Here are our top 3:


An awesome site with great customer service (which we think is very important) and a great sense of design. We love the explanation of how their shirts are made and priced. Check it out here:


There is almost no way you are on the Internet without having been to or at least heard of Zappos. We love everything about them. Great service, attitude and selection. But the thing that really makes them different is their values. Sounds all corporate and stiff but not at Zappos:


Not everything at this site works for us, but we really like the ideas behind it. Someplace that gives you some advice on what clothing works for you and then helps you find great prices. We like the notification setting too. 

Let us know if you have found some great style sites. We love hearing about what's happening out there. And if you have any comments about our ties, get in touch on facebook.