Style is a personal thing. As with our personalities, in order to really understand what we like we need to stretch our boundries sometimes. An orange tie is a perfect place to test the boundries of your personal style.

An orange tie is an easy going tie

Do you remember the last time you were offended by someone wearing an orange necktie. Probably not. An orange shirt, a bright orange jacket, those things can put people off. But a little orange on a clear white background is a pleasant way to start your day.

There is more than one orange necktie

A simple design. Orange neckties can feel composed

Adolfo has a simple design. Orange neckties can feel composed and gathered

The Darren necktie has a more complex pattern and a deeper orange

The Darren necktie has a more complex pattern and a deeper orange

At tieroom we have orange neckties that are understated and simple, like Adolfo to the left. We have darker orange neckties that almost feel like a brown necktie (read more about brown neckties here) like the complex pattern of the Darren necktie to the right.

A simple checkered pattern with a touch of orange in the fresh 100% cotton orange tie called Tarkan is a simple way to get new life out of a jeans and blue shirt look. Move to an orange background necktie with a paisley pattern like our Kumara and you are using orange to bring a whole new flavor to your wardrobe

Orange neckties look great in wool and linen

Ojin is a linen orange necktie

A linen orange necktie has a really fresh feel. The texture brings out the character of the tie.

One of things we like best about orange neckties and orange bow ties here at Tieroom is how well they work in wool and linen. Check out our linen ties and you can see some lighter colored ties that, when combined with the texture of linen, give a casual but still well dressed feeling. Every well dressed man should keep a linen tie with a plain colored shirt look in their wardrobe. It`s a great way to break the monatone silk tie and jacket look that dominates the offices.

So give orange a chance. Warm up someone`s day and lighten your look. Click here to find our orange neckties.