How about a velvet touch to go with your tie?

It's the holidays. Parties. Weddings. Events. Outings.

New tie. Check. Goes with that blazer. That blazer. That same blazer. The one the moths love.

Suggestion, if I may. Small leap of fashion faith. Trust me. Smooth landing down there. Soft. Velvety.




The velvet blazer. Fits like skin. Feels like shorn fur. Color options galore. Symphony and the jazz joint in one. Understated yet far from unrecognizable. Flashy when the light hits you right. That's when they're stealing glances--the spies that love you. That's when you're catching the thieves.

Bow tie, tie tie, no tie with pocket square. Doesn't matter. The velvet blazer crushes it. See. Even the puns are smooth.

*Entertaining, informing, and inspiring the person behind the tie*