How about some Dear Old Dad with that tie?

Dear Old Dads. They've been around since being around was a thing, and all that being around has brought about one of the hallmarks--and most enjoyable parts--of Daddom: Passing along fatherly know-how. The handing down of patriarchal wisdom is as time-honored a tradition as buying Dad a tie for Father's Day. And though the lessons have varied over the ages, the gist remains the same: No. Mate. Wants. A. Dullard! So it is in the spirit of dads then and now that we share a few poppa-inspired how-tos worth passing along.

Primitive Dad taught spear chucking/Modern Dad teaches fastballs and perfect spirals

Painting the corner of the plate or hitting a receiver in stride is today's equivalent of kabob-ing a charging sabertooth with a hand-fashioned spear.


4-seam fastball: Grip the baseball so that the "U" or horseshoe-shaped seams of the ball run sideways. Place your middle and index fingers across the seams, while your thumb grips the smooth surface under ball. Upon release, push middle finger towards the batter, palm facing down. STRIKE 3!!!!!!!!

Perfect Spiral: Grip the football with your ring and pinky finger across the second and fifth lace. With your body perpendicular to your target, rotate away from your target while drawing your arm above your shoulder. Rotate forwards, bringing your arm forwards, and step towards your target. Release the ball with your hand pointing at the target, palm down.  TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!

Primitive Dad taught how to hunt wild beasts/Modern Dad teaches how to cook perfect steak

Nowadays the beasts are tamed to the meat isle at your grocery store, so the hunt turns to tracking down that perfect piece of meat and making sure it's prepared to perfection.


Steak Tips: When selecting steaks, look for a mixture of marbling (muscular fat) among good, red color. Prime, Choice, and Select are the quality grades of steak. But, at the end of the day, it's steak, so, how bad can it be?

Before cooking, make sure your steaks are at room temperature to ensure even cooking. When on the grill, ensure your steaks won't become under or over done with the "handy" chart above.

Primitive Dad left courtship to instinct/Modern Dad instinctively knows better

Courtship has and always will be a tricky game, but man has developed a few tricks to put the odds in his favor, to show the world that there is a man inside this man. One such trick, goes around the neck.


The Dimple: From the Windsor to the Fishbone, tie knots are as wide a varied as the ties we carry, but a dimple-sized detail can elevate your tie game a step further. With your tie tied, but loose, pinch the edges of the tie below the knot with your thumb and middle finger. Place your forefinger in the middle of the tie and push down. Hold this while you slide the knot up into your collar.

Happy Dad's New Tie Day!


*Entertaining, informing, and inspiring the person behind the tie*