Ties, ties, Ties, ties, Ties, ties, Ties, and...

"Pack it up pack it in, let me begin. I came to--" tell you the tried and true best way for packing your Sunday best to avoid that crumpled foil ball look that not enough shower steam in the world could smooth. Let's get packing.

The Wardrobe:


Suit Jacket:

  • Place jacket on flat surface
  • Fold both arms to center
  • Fold top down
  • Fold bottom up

img_6369 img_6371 img_6372 img_6373

Dress Pants:

  • Fold pants along pleat
  • Lay elongated
  • Place suit jacket in center of elongated pants
  • Fold pant tops over jacket
  • Fold pant bottoms over jacket

img_6374 img_6376

Dress Shirt:

  • Place shirt face down with arms extended like wings
  • Fold one arm over to other extended arm
  • Take folded arm and make a second fold back and down so the cuff faces bottom of shirt
  • Do same with second extended arm
  • Fold up from bottom to top

img_6362 fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-3 img_6365 img_6366 img_6367


  • Fold tie lengthwise
  • Roll tightly from narrow end of tie to fat end
  • Keep tie secure by placing in shoe openings

img_6335 img_6336


  • Fold into square
  • Place in freezer bag
  • Flatten air out of freezer bag, zip, and pack on flat surface

fullsizerender-1 img_6360

Now your suitcase looks like a good game of Tetris, and, best of all, you're packed and ready to go. Well, almost. Wouldn't hurt to pack a few more ties. Just a suggestion. Now "Jump Around!"


*Entertaining, informing, and inspiring the person behind the tie*