Tie, ties, Ties, ties, Ties, ties, Ties, and....

Quick history of how socks came together ; ) Socks can be traced back 8th century BC when fashionistas used animal hides to wrap their tootsies for warmth. Some time later Aristotle and his crew were spotted wearing socks made from matted animal hair and all of Greece lost their minds to get a pair. But it was the Romans, during fashion week, that really took the sock to the next level, when they incorporated leather and woven fabrics. After that, all bets were off,  and the sock not only became a staple of wardrobe, but a way to make a statement. For holy men the sock was a symbol of purity; for the noble, wealth; nowadays, whatever you want them to symbolize. Just, please, make sure they match.

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How to Rock the Sock:
  • Solid Colored Socks: The general rule of thumb is to match sock color with pant color: Black dress pants, black socks; blue jeans, blue socks, so on.


  • Colored and Patterned Socks: Options for socks out there are as plentiful as the options for ties are here, so if you like a little pop in your sock, this rule is for you: Match your socks to your tie to express yourself from top to bottom.


  • Fabrics:  Cotton is the most common material out there and the best bang for your buck. Wool is a one-two punch of a material when it comes to insulation. Wool can provide warmth in cooler months while still being breathable when it's cooking out there so your feet can stay as dry and cool as you look. For less bulk than wool, but the similar results, go silk.

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