How about a knife to go with that tie?

One summer day. Antique show. Vendors and shoppers galore. Strolling, perusing booths full of nostalgia: Nic nacs to sit some place, dishware your grandmother had, rusted metal things to hang, old wood  pieces to refurbish, etc.

Nearby, a woman cries out--yelps, rather. I look. She's holding one hand with the other--the held hand, I can tell, wounded. Word spreads like fire--actually, my wife and I were grouped right there with the woman and heard what happened: It's a splinter. The gravity of the situation takes a moment to set in, but when it does...O.M.G!

I look around, realize we're at the last booth, the LAST booth. There's no vendor, just a mutt dog leashed to a chair. I wanted to scream for help, for a medical professional, but it was no use. Doctor's Without Borders don't even come this far.

I know it's up to me to do something. I'm dumb with ideas, though, and the lady's failing fast. I'm not far behind. The sun cranked the mercury. There's an old lifesaver from some ship and an empty army first aid kit mocking the situation, mocking me. "Shut up!" I yell, trying to think, to solve the problem, but the futility is too much. I drop to my knees, fists pumping at the heavens, shirt ripped open, crying without sound, crushed by my own uselessness.

And then, like a bolt to the brain, I remember: I have a knife in my pocket. AND MY KNIFE COMES WITH TWEEZERS!!!!!!!! A life was saved that day, my friends. A life was saved.

The hero of the "slightly" over-dramatized story above was a Swiss Army knife that fit on a keychain. And as insignificant seeming of an accessory as my little knife was it made me the most prepared man in the room--or booth. And it was in my afterglow of heroism that I realized something: as one saying goes "Cleanliness is next to godliness",  then I must reasonably assume another adage might work for this life "Preparedness is next to to manliness."  Just next to manliness, though, you'll also need a really great tie. But it did feel nice to have at the ready what was needed to help someone in need. So it is in the spirit of readiness-and-preparedness that the good ol knife gets our support for your pocket.

There are about as many EDC (everyday carry) knives on the market as there are ties, so we've whittled (killer pun!) it down to two of the best--so says internet. One single-blade, one multi-tool. Now for the best EDT (everyday tie)...well, you know where to look--so says us.

Best EDC Knife: Spiderco Paramilitary 2 Folding Knife


This one is the one knife junkies will tell you is THE ONE. And this is the second iteration so I guess it's THE ONE-ER. Small enough to carry in your pocket, big enough for jobs large (grizzly bear fights) and small (opening boxes, splinters and such). It's practical, tactical, and sleek as James Bond in a tux. If this is your EDC, then you are everyday ready for whatever.

Best EDC Multi-tool Knife: Leatherman Skeletool


The Leatherman Skeletool is a trimmed-down version of the classic Leatherman, essentials only.  With its combo blades, pliers, bit driver, removable pocket clip, and carabiner/bottle opener, only weighs in at 5 oz. If we're talking preparedness, then consider yourself prepared for just about anything. And, the best part, all of that readiness fits right in your pocket: "... and after I get this splinter out, I'll fix the leak under your sink, screw in a light fixture, cut some wire,...," and so on and so on.

*Entertaining, informing, and inspiring the person behind the tie*