MAGISKT SILVER boy's tie small

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Solid silver
100% woven silk
2" (5 cm)
43 ⅜" (110 cm)


The tie Magiskt Silver has extra shine and charisma that makes it silver rather than just grey. Strictly speaking, silver is grey with a kind of shine or metallic touch. Usually it's created by adding tads of white, other shades of grey or even blue. In the same way as grey it's of course versatile, a neutral that works with everything. It's also a great choice if you like shirts with colour, especially shirts in pastel colours that have become so popular again during the 2010's. Silver is also one of few tie colours that will work excellently with a black shirt. Magiskt Silver is grey bewitched by the moon ΓÇô the perfect tie for a new year's eve party or a night out.