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The red hot lover

The devoted drinker

The Golden Boy

The sports enthusiast

The constant gardener

The Cool Kid

The striped supporter

The beloved bird watcher

The boy genius

The orange optimist

The jaunty youngsters

The hardcore hunter

The linen lover

The sassy silver soaker

The pink stripe savage

The fierce animal defender

The italian fashion freak

The tropical dreamer

The dot defender

The aquatic addict

The lacy lover

The vacationer

The black and white believer

The heavenly horse ethusiast

The posh paisley person

The devoted dug dude

The chic checker fan

The chocolate and toffee freak

The knitted wool worshipper

The entire family

The fanatic flower freak

The pink polar partisan

The burgundy bombshell

The Italian wool wonderboy

The fancy forest fan

The northern man

The maroon money maker

The safety advocate

The knitted silk supporter

The great greadine god

The jinglebell junkie

The navy christmas dresser