Twinkle in the eye

– dapper designs for dialogue

Some men squirm as worms at the mere thought of wearing a suit and tie. Here's one way out. Defuse some of the formality, but heed the expected etiquette. This alternative collection is slightly mischievous menswear with style and flair, ties and bow ties that will spark up conversation. Clear the stage for A Twinkle in the Eye!

Pictorial neckwear is an alternative men's fashion category, often referred to as conversation ties, conversation design. Tieroom's selection of conversational ties is steadily growing: animals like dogs, ants, roosters, elephants, butterflies, mallards, toucans, foxes, sharks, cachalot whales, deer, sports like tennis, riding, hunting, golf, Christmas ties with pine trees, snow, presents and various other designs depicting stars, glasses, hearts, sculls, beer, lips, glasses and more. With our stylish, high quality silk designs you can soften the sense of formality and display a twinkle in the eye, while still heeding etiquette, if the dress code requires tie or bow tie. See more:
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