Beige ties

Tieoom’s beige tie collection is anything but bland! Shades include taupe, sand and champagne, each a perfect palette for the right occasion. Beige is especially appealing as a skinny tie. Or choose a classic cut in 100% woven or knitted silk. Autumn or spring, a hue of beige is an excellent choice.

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One thing is for sure: beige gets a bad rap! It’s too often perceived as being a boring, bland and overly ‘safe’ color. That is far from fair, given that it is the one color that blends in better than almost any other. Beige is also a far more varied color than most people realize. One person may see oatmeal or sand, the next person could see buff or taupe. And don't forget that champagne also lives in the beige family! Tieroom understands the versatility of beige in its many hues, which is reflected in our beige tie collection. Champagne can look especially stunning as it sheens and glistens in woven silk. Beige, taupe and oatmeal all look superb in either finest cotton or silk. Match your beige-hued necktie with a blazer in white or any shade of beige, brown or blue for a suave, modern look. Or opt for beige-accented paisley, tartan, stripes or floral pattern with wool, tweed ot cashmere for late autumn attire that is comforting yet stylish. Resist ignoring beige because it is too ‘safe’. It is anything but that!