Pink ties

Blush, coral, dusty and fuchsia. These are just some of the hues of pink ties we offer. Pink in glistening 100% woven silk is especially fetching for special occasions. Our cotton range in pinks is great for business or leisure. Choices include bold single color options to more delicate florals.

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It is true that some men have an aversion to accessories in pink. Such reticence may be understandable, yet there's no need to be weary of our pink-inspired range. Taking a look through our pages of pink ties quickly shows what versatility we have to offer. A multitude of different shades and varying patterns offer choices few men can resist! Gentlemen need to remember that pink bestows an approachability that few other colors convey. They make a man look sensitive yet resolutely masculine. There is a self-assuredness when a man makes the effort to wear an all-pink or pink-accented tie. Consider the executive wearing a coral pink silk tie from Tieroom. He makes it well-known that he is confident and not to be messed with! Ditto the powerful attorney who dons his bold-striped necktie in pink with his designer business suit. Pink also denotes creativity and an open mind, attributes many men would be pleased to convey. This is especially true of the various, exquisite floral patterns available primarily in pink or with pink accents.