Cotton ties

Choices aplenty in Tieroom's vast collection of high-quality cotton ties. The cotton tie is a golden standard for the versatilty it offers. Wear a cotton tie with summer linen or cotton for lightness. Or pair one as a smart option with winter wool or more casual fabrics such as tweed or houndstooth.

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Cotton has been a mainstay fabric for centuries, thanks to its versatility and relative ease to spin and create fabrics. There is a remarkable array of different cotton blends, such as rough-hewn 100% Egyptian or Indian cotton with its gorgeous and tactile texture. Modern cotton-polyester blends are so popular due to feeling smooth-as-silk to the touch yet being less expensive than pure silk.Fine quality cotton ties such as those offered by Tieroom look superb and feel even better. Our cotton tie collection runs the full gamut of finishes, hues and designs. There is literally a cotton tie for any type of man, whatever his personality, fashion sense or inclinations! A cotton tie can look splendid with a 100% cotton button-down dress shirt, paired with a suit in cotton, linen, wool or cashmere. Cotton is indeed a fabric for alll seasons, depending on the color palette or patterns you opt for. Smoother cotton blends will look especially good with light-toned cotton and fabric blazers. Rougher-textured cotton ties look particularly good with autumn-hued, heavier fabrics such as tweed. Winter wools also pair marvellously with certain cotton ties. Your choice!