Paisley ties and ties with Flowers

The floral tie should always be considered by the discerning gentleman. Whether a subtle or bold floral pattern, it will always catch the eye. Tieroom’s floral collection is diverse and exciting and comes in different quality fabrics. Paisley is a distinct floral pattern that remains a classic.

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There is a tendency for some men to view the floral tie as being somehow feminine, even effeminate. Perish the thought! A tie with a bold floral pattern can be a declaration of a man’s self-confidence and ability to wear any tie he pleases. Even a more subtle flower pattern can denote a man that appreciates the finer and less macho attributes of good dressing. Florals can look superb with tone-on-tone colors or multicolored variations. Paisley is a particularly striking floral pattern that has stood the test of time. Originating in Persia, paisley became all the rage in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. It really came into its own in the swinging 1960s and keeps making comebacks in men’s fashion. Paisley has endured as a pattern because it evokes the past, while still being decidedly modern when featured in certain hues and designs. With paisley, as with nearly all floral patterns, one can opt for a look that is either comfortably vintage or ultra-modern. You choose the floral tie that best suits you, good man!