ALVARO pocket square

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ALVARO pocket square

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Reddish brown wool knit with white edges

  • Material: Knitted wool
  • Width: 12 ⅕" (31 cm)
  • Length: 12 ⅕" (31 cm)

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Behind this maroon prominence lies a political thoroughbred who dedicated his life into making his beloved Colombia a better place. He has a low-intensity glow thanks to the wool, but nonetheless persistent. He's life is politics and clothing one of this few, chosen pleasures. Even though time is scarce Alvaro never compromises on style. With knitted Alvaro can relax, without disregarding etiquette.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Knitted wool
Width description 12 ⅕" (31 cm)
Length 12 ⅕" (31 cm)
Neck size N/A