Through thick and thin

Winter wool waltzes by your window

The wool releases are like Christmas for many of our customers - that much we can tell from the order lists. Most wool lovers are suckers for the laid-back, not-so-in-your-face matte shine of wool. Many also like the bulky feel that’s common in woolen ties. Some manufacturers even skip the interlining in thick woolen neckties, thinking the weave is sturdy enough to maintain fall and stability without. In our experience, the interlining still helps a great deal, giving neckties a longer life, so we’ve decided to keep the interlining, but made it noteably thinner, the result being that thin woolen neckties are really thin, and the thick ones are really thick.

Well, we’ve gone through thick and thin to give you both kinds, which also reflects our perception of our various customer groups’ wishes: more subtle elegance, several solids and both sturdy and slender weaves.

Roughly half – Andrew, Jake, Joona, Lewis, Santiago, Sasha and Sherif – are thinnies whereas the other half is of the bulkier kind: Colm, Eamonn, Elmar, Irmtraut and Wolcott. Solids predominate, but despite their tinctorial unambiguity they keep alive via dynamic, slightly melanged colours and stealthy herringbones.

So, come along, and suit up for a subtly dapper autumn. We give you Through thick and thin, winter love from

Notch ANDREW |

Thin herringboned weave in solid black

Notch COLM |

Thick, bearish taffeta weave in solid navy

Notch EAMONN |

Thick weave, beige and black gingham plaid

Notch ELMAR |

Thick, magnified herringbone in two shades of grey


Thick, with big herringbones, grey & reddish brown

Notch JAKE |

Thin weave, solid steely blue melange

Notch JOONA |

Thin weave, dark brown plaid, light, dotted lines

Notch LEWIS |

Thin weave, solid dark, slightly unbalanced grey


Thin herringboned weave, solid in darkest navy

Notch SASHA |

Thin weave, solid in sandy beige light brown tone

Notch SHERIF |

Thin weave, solid petrol


Thick sturdy weave, solid dark brown