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FASTMO PURPLE classic tie

FASTMO PURPLE classic tie


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Roses in purple & white on pale purple base

  • Material : 100% woven silk
  • Width: 3 ⅛" (8 cm)
  • Length: 59" (150 cm)
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Grey is perhaps not the most thrilling shirt colour, but it's the perfect complement to a purple tie, and it also works well with almost any suit (or even skin) colour. Now, Fastmo Purple isn't just any purple tie. We're talking purple roses here, on a really pale purple base, so really slick looking. A blue jacket would really bring out the best in these roses. Or if you're the daring type you might be going for a white suit, which would really make for a spectacular ensemble.
More Information
Material 100% woven silk
Width description 3 ⅛" (8 cm)
Length 59" (150 cm)