Linen ties

<strong>Linen ties</strong> are a rare breed, making them unique among men's ties. A good quality linen tie deserves a place in your summer or spring wardrobe. This distinct, textured fabric is solidly masculine and always appealing. Tieroom's linen tie collection offers a superb range of color and pattern choices.

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For centuries, it was linen that was the choice of lighter fabric for warmer weather or as comfy undergarments. Linen textiles can literally be traced back thousands of years across the globe, especially in North Africa and the Middle East. Even the bandages on Ancient Egyptian mummies were made from linen! In fact, flax, from which linen is traditionally derived, was the first textile ever produced by humans. Linen's place in the history of humanity if nothing short of profound! It was only with the advent of cotton gins that cotton really took off and supplanted as the fabric of choice for lighter, more free-flowing garments. Yet linen has kept its rightful place in men's fashion, primarily for summer suits, blazers and casual shirts. There is no fabric more breezy and easy to wear in hot weather than linen, which is why it continues to be so popular in the tropics and countries with warm climates. A linen tie evokes that summery sense of ease that so many of us look forward to every year. It should be worn with panache and in any hue or pattern you desire.