For the modern man.

Like you, our ties have a modern look. Designed in Sweden and made with the best material we could find. We have a huge selection and always free shipping and 60 day returns.

Your choice.

Classic width or skinny

You know how you look your best. And all of our over 700 patterns come in both sizes, classic width or skinny tie. You can even find matching pocket squares for a special night, or when you want to add a bit of style.


Tieroom classic width ties are made with top quality material and are made to last. They are 3 ⅛" wide and 59" long. It's a standard width tie that works for most men. It's the tie to order if you're in doubt about which to get.


Skinny ties are made with the same great materials but with a bit more attitude built in. They have a more modern look and can work well when you want a more casual feel. Our skinny ties are 2 ⅜" wide and 59" long.


The materials.

Our ties are made from top quality material. Whether you're buying our 100% silk ties, or our thick wool ties, you'll get a great knot everytime. Try one of our carefully made linen or cotton ties too. Our materials will never let you down.


When most people think of ties they think of the 100% silk tie. We have tons of silk tie patterns ranging from strongly modern to classy striped ties. Our ties are made from 100% Mulberry Silk of 28 momme. That's a special way of saying its high quality silk.

Silk ties


Wool ties are a favorite at Tieroom. Their classy look and thick knots bring gravitas to any outfit. And with our modern designs you can create your own approach to a famous fall look. We wear wool ties all year, but we highly recommend one for the fall.

Wool ties


Tieroom linen ties are a blend of linen and silk in order to get the perfect fall and knots from this material. The colors in linen ties are perfect to kick off the spring or to freshen your summer wardrobe. They are bright and perfect any outdoor event.

Linen ties


Cotton ties are catching on and we have been releasing cotton ties for the past couple of years. It took a while for us to find the right materials that we felt made a high quality knot. But now they're here. And the colors won't let you down. Wear a cotton tie to your next garden party. It won't let you down.

Cotton ties

Knitted silk and wool

Knitted ties are also back and make a unique impression with their relaxed and retro feel. The shadows created by the knitted texture make the colors and patterns more alive. There are thousands of reasons to try a knitted tie. Ours are made in either all silk or all wool. Try the skinny model, we really recommend it.

Knitted ties


Quality in every detail

We take making ties very seriously. We keep the prices down by keeping a close eye on all our processes. Using top materials and making sure all our ties have the perfect interlining, which is the filling in the tie that gives it the right thickness. Our ties are self-tipped, so the entire back of the tie is made of the same material and pattern as the front. We don't skimp. We make ties that are made to last. Tieroom ties are made to look good for a long time.


On Tieroom.com you find ties from our own popular designer brand Notch.

Notch ties

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